Patrick Aere Creative Studio


Patrick Aere is the Lead Designer at Aere Creative. He was born and raised in Switzerland, and studied Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica. Based in San José, he has done projects for Zedge New York, The Coca Cola Company and Un Techo Para Mi País. Besides his dedication to graphic design, he likes to travel, drinks a lot of coffee and is passionate about sculpture, photography and painting. Some of his work has been featured in blogs, including Iconutopia, Illustrio and Iconscout.



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Icon Design at McKinsey & Company (2017)

Visual Storytelling at Universidad de Costa Rica (2018)

Data Visualization at McKinsey & Company (2019)


Incredible work, great design. Thank you so much!
— Raque Sagot, owner Orgánica Consulting
Rarely have I ever felt so comfortable working with someone. I like your style, you’re relaxed and direct to work with and I enjoyed that.
— Jimena Balma, owner Fotograma
Great work! Thank you for delivering such a beautiful image for us.
— Juan Nájera, Project Manager Humboldt Auditorium